👋 Hello, My name is Adrian and I'm a software engineer.
📱 I build web applications from front to back.

I have been in web development for over 10 years. I love building fast, responsive and interactive experiences.

On the frontend I am focused on building applications in ReactJS, Gatsby, Vue but go way back with jQuery or just plain old JavaScript. I consider myself very experienced when it comes to building interactions; I favor the use of CSS3 Animations and have experience with three.js and GSAP libraries.

On the backend I work primarily with Rails and PostgreSQL but I also have experience working with NodeJS, PHP, MySQL and MongoDB.

My work experience includes but is not limited to Multi-million dollar Ecommerce Sites (Billabong Global), Full Stack Enterprise Grade Single-Page App Development (Blast and Fexa) and have served as a team lead manager in various positions ensuring projects are organized and completed in reasonable timeframes.

Brands I have worked with:  Soberlink,  Fexa,  Blast,  Billabong,  RVCA,  Von Zipper,  Element,  Stompgrip,  Futures